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Allek Pastrana is a progressive Democrat, of Puerto Rican descent, born in Ohio, and grew up in Orlando, FL. Allek's background is in information technology, and information security to be specific. In his current capacity, Allek assists customers around the globe implement information security solutions in their organizations. A key feature of Allek, when performing his day-to-day actions, he must talk to a wide range of individuals holding different titles at a client's organization, from an engineer all the way up to someone in the C suite. This has allowed Allek to obtain the confidence to have the ability to understand the message required to address the solution to a customer. Allek understands how to read the room. ​

Allek has always been interested in politics, talking to family and friends about the subject on and off. When Allek's first child was born, Mia, he knew if right now was not the time to get into politics, then when?​

Anyone who knows or has worked with Allek understands that he is not a pushover, someone who holds his ground and always stands up for the little guy. Allek believes that every elected official must be held accountable for their actions and is ready to go to Washington, DC to further Democratic values. 

Allek graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, majoring in Information Assurance & Security in 2014 from Capella University. Allek has multiple information security certifications including CISSP, one of the most highly sought certifications in information security. ​

During the little downtime Allek has, he likes to spend his time with his family, watching movies, playing video games, and keeping up to date with current world events. 


Allek met Rosita in high school when she was a foreign exchange student from Ecuador. They dated in high school and when she returned to Ecuador, they never lost touch. In 2010, Allek and Rosita decided to tie the knot and Rosita moved to the USA to start their lives together.  


In May 2020, Allek and Rosita welcomed their first child into this world, Mia. Today, Mia is a happy 2-year-old toddler that is energetic, loves to be in the water, and loves airplanes. Allek believes that one day Mia will save the world as a pilot. If Mia decides to not become a pilot, Allek is fully dedicated to supporting and helping his daughter achieve her dreams!

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