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Allek, a devoted Puerto Rican family man, prioritizes his children and is currently dedicated to pursuing a Master's degree in Cybersecurity. His 14-year marriage to Rosita has been a source of strength and joy, with their two children, Mia and Matteo, bringing added warmth to their home.


Allek is widely recognized for his unwavering commitment to accountability, a value that resonates throughout his personal and professional life.​ His passion for Democratic ideals is evident in his advocacy for various causes, including reproductive rights, economic reform, the legalization of marijuana, the implementation of common-sense gun laws, and robust support for Veterans.


Allek's engagement with individuals across all levels in client organizations showcases his ability to connect with diverse perspectives and foster meaningful dialogue.​In Washington, DC, Allek stands ready to translate his beliefs into action, demonstrating a willingness to champion causes that align with his principles. His multifaceted approach to advocacy reflects a nuanced understanding of the complex issues facing society today, positioning him as a proactive and influential voice in the pursuit of positive change.

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