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Our economy requires every taxpayer to pay their fair share! I believe that we shouldn't tax success. We must raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour! The minimum wage should be a livable wage. 


We need legislation to do the following:

  • Have every taxpayer pay their fair share

  • Stop taxing Social Security Payments

  • Implemnt OT40: Anything over 40 hours worked is not taxed

  • Legalize and tax marijuana

  • No more bailouts to companies

  • Block companies from manipulating their stocks by conducting stock buybacks



I support an education system, where higher education is free to anyone, regardless of income. We should allow people who want to succeed, the ability to attend a 4-year university or technical school, of their choice, free of charge. When people succeed, the United States of America succeeds!

We need legislation to do the following:

  • Legalize and tax marijuana

  • Reduce military spending



I fully support the Green New Deal, investing in renewable energy solutions, and limiting our dependency as a nation on fossil fuels. 

Congress has to establish laws, with the guidance of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in order to restore the EPA enforcement capabilities.



I fully support Medicare for All. Healthcare should not be tied to employment, it is a human right, and we can pay for it! No matter your disability, no matter your preexisting conditions, this human right should be available to all.


We need legislation to do the following:

  • Legalize and tax marijuana

  • Reduce military spending



It is time we legalize marijuana nationwide, tax it like beer and cigarettes, and remove individuals from the prison system who are incarcerated for nonviolent marijuana offenses.


Multiple states have already legalized marijuana, it is time for marijuana to become federally legal in the United States of America.


Reproductive Rights

Government has to stay out of the medical room when it comes to personal decisions regarding healthcare. 

Healthcare decisions should be between the patient and their doctor. 

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