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No one is above the law. Every individual who is either an elected official, appointed to a position or employed by the United States government, regardless of capacity or political affiliation, has to be held accountable for their actions!


Our economy requires every taxpayer to pay their fair share! I believe that we shouldn't tax success. We must raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour! The minimum wage should be a livable wage. 


We need legislation to do the following:

  • Have every taxpayer pay their fair share

  • I am open to a discussion on changing our tax brackets 

  • Legalize and tax marijuana

  • No more bailouts to companies

  • Block companies from manipulating their stocks by conducting stock buybacks


I support an education system, where higher education is free to anyone, regardless of income. We should allow people who want to succeed, the ability to attend a 4-year university or technical school, of their choice, free of charge. When people succeed, the United States of America succeeds!

We need legislation to do the following:

  • Legalize and tax marijuana

  • Reduce military spending


I fully support the Green New Deal, investing in renewable energy solutions, and limiting our dependency as a nation on fossil fuels. 

Congress has to establish laws, with the guidance of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in order to restore the EPA enforcement capabilities.

Gun Reform

I'm a PRO 2A candidate that believes in gun reform. There should be 0 loopholes in obtaining a gun. 


We need legislation to do the following: 

  • Raise the age to 21 in order to buy a gun

  • Ban semi-automatic rifles

  • Ban high-capacity magazines

  • Stronger background checks


I fully support Medicare for All. Healthcare should not be tied to employment, it is a human right, and we can pay for it! No matter your disability, no matter your preexisting conditions, this human right should be available to all.


We need legislation to do the following:

  • Legalize and tax marijuana

  • Reduce military spending


We are a country of immigrants. I believe in legal immigration and I believe in circumstances where people are seeking asylum and make the difficult decision to leave their homes to travel to the United States of  America. 

We need immigration reform as a nation in order to be more efficient, more reliable, and more welcoming. 


We should not be separating families at the border, have to remove the cages, and stop the inhuman treatment of immigrants.


As an LGBTQ+ ally, I believe everyone should have the ability to pursue love and happiness without discrimination. I will always support and stand with anyone who decides to follow their hearts. LOVE IS LOVE!


I will continue to show my support at rallies and provide FREE DAD HUGS to all! 

I fully support any legislation on protecting marriage equality!


It is time we legalize marijuana nationwide, tax it like beer and cigarettes, and remove individuals from the prison system who are incarcerated for nonviolent marijuana offenses.


Multiple states have already legalized marijuana, it is time for marijuana to become federally legal in the United States of America.


We are a county of multiple backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions.


I will always support your right to pick and choose your own religion, I believe religion shouldn't be in politics and government.


Religion is a personal choice and thus kept as such. 


Religion should be "I can't do X because it is against my religion" and NOT "You can't do X because it is against my religion." 


I believe Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia should become the 51st and 52nd states of the United States of America. I believe that it should be up to the residents of Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia if they want to become a state. 

Since I am Puerto Rican, I understand the challenges of what becoming a state brings to the island. I believe that the residents of Puerto Rico should have representation in Congress to hold their own elected officials accountable and to have a stepping stone for future change. I am open to a multi-year federal tax pause until the economy can fully recover.

I support any territory under the United States of America to become a state, gain its independence, or maintain the status quo based on the residents of said territories.

Student Loans

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, federal student loan repayments have been on pause for over 2 years. 

It is time to eliminate the student loan debt in this nation. 

I fully support wiping away all student loan debt.

Supreme Court of the United States

I fully support expanding the court. I plan to start the impeachment process of sitting judges based on ethical standards and lying to the American people.

Term Limits

I fully support applying term limits to an individual that is not elected or chosen by the people! There should be NO lifetime appointments in our government system.

Voting Rights

Voting rights is a fundamental right in our nation that should only be restricted when you're incarcerated. Once released, your voting rights should be restored immediately, without delay or cost. 


We need legislation to do the following:

  • If we, as Congress, decide to require an ID to vote, I will only support the bill if every state issues free voting IDs, there shouldn't be a cost of entry to vote

  • Restore the voting rights of felons, as soon as they are released, without delay, and without cost to the individual 

  • Make sure laws aren't racially motivated to limit voter access

Women's Rights

I'm a PRO Choice candidate and believe in Women's rights including women's access to safe abortions!


HER BODY, HER CHOICE! I will continue to support Women's rights at rallies and will help any women who is seeking access to a safe abortion. 

I support any legislation that is in favor of Women's rights.

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